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Publishing Personal Web Pages

All staff and Postgraduate student can author their own personal web pages. The University provides this as a free service. This web page provides further information about how you can set up your personal web space & begin publishing.

How do I set up my web space ready for my pages?

Once you have created your web pages using the editor of your choice, copy all HTML files to your 'mypages_html' folder located in your My Documents or 'H' drive.

HTML files should be placed in your home directory (put your files in a sub-directory called "mypages_html").

SEPS users will need to ensure that they have placed the files they wish to use as their MyPages site onto your own filestore on the central filestore system. SEPS users will need to seek advice from their School IT Staff on how they should map a drive from their workstation to the central filestore.

What should I call my homepage?

Your personal home page should be called either default.htm, home.htm or index.htm, and the final internet address for your personal web site is in the following format:

where aa001 is your login name.

It is advisable for all file names and additional directories/folders to be in lower case and should not contain spaces. Other web pages you create should be named with this in mind. For example, if I created a page which contains areas of my research work I might call it "research.htm". This file would then be accessed by specifying the URL:

How do I make my page visible?

All you need to do is submit a request via the Request form and within one working day your web site will be live.

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